Hey there! I'm Jenine

I want you to know that no matter where you are in motherhood, I'm here to help you discover your best health, life and business! My mission is to help you shine from the inside out, so you can inspire the next generation to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life - just like their mum. You're here for a reason. You likely know all the things you should do...but, you're feeling stuck. That's where I come in. Because you have hidden superpowers inside you, just waiting to come out! For too long tho, you've been talking yourself out of living your best life. It's not your fault...we ALL do it. And I did too, for a very long time. But this year can look very different from your last. Whether you want to become healthier, start that business, or live the life you've always dreamed of...it IS possible! Are you ready? LET'S GO!


"Help! Where do I even start with health after having kids? Changing my food & exercise feels too hard!"

I've been a specialist pre & postnatal fitness trainer since 2004, and have designed programs for thousands of women world-wide! Combined with a team of industry experts, our fitness & nutrition programs are of the highest standard, supporting women through all phases of life.  Click below for more on Movement & Nutrition! 


"I crave clarity & direction in my life, I feel I've lost myself along the way. Can you help me with this?"

Not only can I help with this, but I have been there myself! The relentless mental load of Motherhood can leave us feeling like a shell of the women we once were. Through my signature programs of ASPIRE & ANCHOR, which are offered both face to face and online, I show you a way back to YOU. Once you get started, it feels like magic - but it all starts in your mind! Click below for more 


"I want to take my business/career/life to the next level, and need support to make this happen..."

Whether you have an idea you wish to turn into a business; or a business/ career that you wish to turn into something that supports your lifestyle, I'm here to help! For the past 2 years I've been supporting professional women to step into the leadership potential, both in corporate and business environments. Success is an inside job, and I offer a variety of resources in addition to 1:1 mentoring, for women ready to shine! 



Looking for a fun fitness-based activity to do at home with your baby or child? You’re in the right place. The Mama Lifestyle Membership is an inspiration filled program that will keep you and your little ones moving TOGETHER! Designed specifically for mothers aiming to keep healthy at home, the Mama Lifestyle Membership offers physiotherapist-led Pilates, HIIT classes, Meditation, Stretching, Yoga, Nutrition & Mindset training in convenient 7-15 minute videos.  With weekly training completed LIVE or in your own time, plus a vibrant, supportive community, the Mama Lifestyle Membership is your holistic home for health! 



This Free 5 Day Program is designed for women starting back into fitness. It's back to basics, no nonsense movements are designed to reset your core, correctly, using simple, effective movements that are gentle on your body. 

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Uncover & overcome your limiting beliefs in health, life & business! Join in one of my upcoming Retreats, and let's start nourishing your soul from the inside out!


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