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I’m Jenine Dilts-Bayman, operating under my brand J9 Health & Wealth (Je-Nine…get it?!) I believe that each and every one of us is where we are, with our own unique experiences, passions, knowledge, & dreams, for a reason. That every one of you out there can cause ripples of positive change in any area of your life, should you so choose, at any given time. And that the whole world will benefit should you choose to find & bring your unique gifts to the surface… This is where I come in! For the seekers, the searchers, those of you who can feel the desire to try. I turn your dreams into your reality, in career or business, and it turns out I’m damn good at what I do! In 2022, I celebrated 10 years in business. The first 7 were spent building my brands - Mums With Bubs Fitness and the Healthy Life Collective. They were both hugely successful and I’m super proud of those years! But after a life-changing event in 2018, an evolution occurred within me that I called me unlike anything I’ve ever felt. And so, my path was forever altered… Since that time I’ve been mentoring women just like you towards their dreams. And the best part? I’ve watched them MAKE THEIR DREAMS THEIR REALITY. Support. Soundboarding. Strategy. But most of all, Riding the waves of BELIEF! In themselves, in their desires, in the steps needed to make their dreams come true… Honestly? It feels like magic, that starts in your mind! Join me, and other like minded women, as we combine our collective energy & experience, as we ascend to a whole new level of LIFE. Because anything and everything you give & receive in life, STARTS. WITH. YOU. xx Jenine


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"I want to take my business/career/life to the next level, and need support to make this happen..."

Whether you have an idea you wish to turn into a business; or a business/ career that you wish to turn into something that supports your lifestyle, I'm here to help! For the past 3 years I've been supporting professional women to step into the leadership potential, both in corporate and business environments. Success is an inside job, and I offer a variety of resources in addition to 1:1 mentoring, for women ready to shine! 


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