Jenine Dilts-Bayman is a business and leadership coach for women, specializing in energetic alignment, technical strategy, and supporting others to live the life of their dreams through inspired, daily action! 

Her business philosophy is based on the pillars of movement, mindset and nourishment, having created successful online and offline businesses since 2012 including;

  • Mums With Bubs Fitness
  • The Mama Lifestyle Membership
  • The Presence of Posting social media program
  • The ASPIRE Manifesting Methodology
  • The AlignedMind Mentorship & Mastermind program! 

Jenine is also host of the ‘Your Healthy Business’ podcast, which explores the Technical ‘How To’, the Spiritual ‘WooWoo’, and the Physical ‘Health & Wellness’ components needed to grow a healthy business from the inside, out. 

Prior to 2012, Jenine completed her Honors BA Sport Management (Brock University, 2004), travelled the world as a Personal Trainer with a Cert IV in Fitness, and landed in Western Australia in 2007 to begin working as the High Performance Manager for Equestrian Western Australia.

As a busy mum of two young children, and wife to husband Daniel, Jenine's ability to successfully pivot her businesses to being 100% online in 2018 enabled her family to move from city to country. These days, you'll find Jenine creating and coaching with clients, working in her garden, and tending to the 100 animals that have found their home with the Dilts-Bayman family in WA's South West! 

Jenine believes that a healthy life starts from the inside, and that in nourishing our bodies & minds we are able to bring more energy, productivity and success to the lives of ourselves and all around us!