Resolutions are BS! Try this instead

It's that time when we reflect on the year that was, and look forward to the year ahead.
Resolutions - or thoughts on what we might change in our lives for next year - may start to ring through our minds (and beware, your social media feed has likely been inundated with these messages…ugh). 
But what if I told you that resolutions are BS? 
And that the motivation you feel at the start of the year, is BS too? 
I say this because in all my years as a personal trainer, the New Year sparked campaigns with lingo like
"New year, New you!", always spruiking the same train of thought of "Now or never!", and utilizing the digital flip of one 24 hour window like its some catapult of motivation, set to rocket you towards your goals! (yea, right) 
But guess what gals?
Short term motivation, much like short term results, are great...for the short term.
But what happens when you're in it for the LONG term? 

What happens when you know, in your heart of hearts, that those goals your setting for yourself aren't just something you'd like to have happen at the start of the year, but the things you most value throughout the course of your life? 

Things like health, wealth, lifestyle choices...they all matter not just for the start of the year, but for every day and every month you live! 
So here's your invitation: scrap the New Year's resolutions, and start your life-long LEGACY. 
Getting clear on what it is and why it matters to you! 

Consider these five arenas of your life: Health; Career/business; Travel/Material things; Love & relationships; Finance.
What do you WANT?
For the short & long term?
For yourself, for your family, for your community? 
What is the legacy you wish to leave behind
Use those questions to write it out.
Go deep!
And as always, if you're wanting some extra support in defining what this looks like for you, GET IN TOUCH! 
The end of 2022 marks the end of an era for me, and a level of unprecedented joy & excitement of what's to come, the lives I'll impact, and the legacy each of you reading this will lead.  
Anything you want, is within reach. 
Go for it! 
And remember... 
I've got your back, every step of the way. 
But the most important thing? 
Is you continue to 
Keep going! 
xx Jenine ~ Your Aligned Life Mentor 
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