6 Ways to Know For Sure

When faced with day to day decisions, big or small, we can lose focus. Indecision can creep in over even the most seemingly insignificant details, and with it, comes confusion and self doubt. 

So perhaps its no surprise that when life throws big decisions our way, it feels impossible to decide!  We may even feel relief when someone else decides for us. That way, when we’re dissappointed, we have someone else to blame…

But what if we could take away the fear of making the “wrong decision” by stepping into a deeper knowing, held only within ourselves? What if we could know, hand on heart, that the decision we’re making is exactly the right one for us in this exact situation, the one we’re meant to make? 

 Mmmmhmmmm. Yes. It might sound impossible…and its not to say that indecision won’t still rear its head every so often. But in starting with the small, day to day decisions, you may just find the big ones become easier, too. 

 So before you go polling the internet for answers on the big things on your mind, I invite you to turn to the person who know’s what’s best for you. YOU! 

 Like anything in life, its all about practice, perseverance, and most importantly, stepping into a level of awareness you may never have before! 

Here’s how to make decisions, know for sure, you’re making the right one…

1: Begin attuning to your ‘gut instinct’.  Easier said than done, this instinct is within us all. You may have heard it termed as intuition, or a higher, guiding power (I often refer to this as the Universe in my teachings). Whatever it is for you, it’s THERE, tho if its been hidden for years it will take some time to uncover. Sometimes it might seem easier to deny this knowing, than to actually listen to what it’s telling you.  It can come in the form of what catches your attention first in any situation; how making the decision feels within your body & if there is a visceral reaction; or if when thinking about it, you are drawn to a certain conclusion again and again…even if you don’t want it to be true. That’s your gut instinct.

2. Sink into your Knowing.  Author Glennon Doyle talks about her experience in how she would sink into her knowing when she first started harnessing it, in her book “Untamed”. She writes: 

 “If you can just stop doing, you’ll start knowing….Eventually I sank deep enough to find a new level inside me that I’d never known existed. This place is underneath; low, quiet, deep, still. There are no voices there, not even my own. All I can hear down there is my breath. It was as though I’d been drowning and in my panic I had been gasping for air, calling for rescue, and flailing on the surface. But what I really needed to do was to let myself sink. It struck me this is why we say to people to ‘calm down’. 

Because beneath the noice of the pounding, swirling surf is a place where all is quiet and clear” 

 There is a knowing inside all of us. We just need to slow down, and be still, long enough to  harness it…

3. Curate clarity in your WHY. Knowing exactly what your vision is, and then aligning your life’s choices to it, means that you’ll never go off course - as you’ll always have your horizon in view! We do this through a visualisation meditation, then journaling, then creating imagery to match your vision, in the ASPIRE program. Without this clarity, its easy to get distracted and off course. So make sure you make time, energy and awareness of what your vision actually is, and why you want it!

4. Make small decisions with confidence, by creating choices that match your desires.  Creating a capsule wardrobe is a fantastic example of this, as you can curate it with pieces you truly love, that work together in multiple ways! The next day when you’re preparing for that meeting, or lunch with the girls, you have one less big decision to make. And rather than feeling like you have nothing to wear, you can confidently put on an outfit & rise your vibration immediately! 

5. Watch for the signs! The Universe is extremely good at giving us signs on a consistent, regular basis, once we attune to what they are.  Witnessing repeating number patterns, hearing the same song on the radio, observing a certain person cross your path multiple times, or even the presence of animals or other creatures are all ways the Universe can remind you that you’re on the right track. The point is, signs are EVERYWHERE, and its very affirming when you begin to witness them in your day to day life!  To learn more, watch out for my upcoming blog on this subject, soon to be released! 

 6. Cultivate trust that no matter what, this is the right decision for you, right now.  You might feel some wobbles after making a decision, but its important to know that the more you practice this, the more confident you’ll become in your inner knowing.  Old habits die hard! If you’re a serial indecisive person, who just wishes others could choose for you - know this: The more you begin to know what you want, the more the Universe will deliver more of what you want! And if you really don’t know what you want, then I invite you to come and join me in ASPIRE: The Manifesting Methodology, where we create that clarity and confidence together! 

 There’s no doubt that our days are filled with an immense number of decisions that affect ourselves, and every one around us. The overwhelm in decision making is very real! So why not give yourself the best chance at confidence, and put these six points into action. 

You might just find out, that you really do know, for sure, what’s right for you. 

xx Jenine ~ Your Aligned Life Mentor 

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