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Welcome to the Your Healthy Business Podcast!

Welcome to Your Healthy Business with Jenine Dilts-Bayman, where we explore the Technical 'how to', the Spiritual 'woo-woo', and the Physical health & wellness components of growing YOUR healthy business! We talk to industry experts with first-hand experience in building a thriving businesses from the inside out, setting a strong foundation for a lifestyle and business that works for your family, your audience, and most importantly - YOU!

Latest Episodes

Miranda Wiltshire

In today's episode, Jenine speaks with Professional Counsellor, Miranda Wiltshire! As a Mother, dance-enthusiast and professional counsellor with more than 20 years experience, Miranda encourages empowerment through authenticity; a uniquely tailored approach of therapy, your way!

Haylee Guiver

Body Empowerment Photographer, Haylee Guiver, is a mum of three boys wife of a FIFO husband, while offering body empowerment photography focused on strengthening the relationship between her clients and their bodies!

Karen Dennett

Founder, Educator, Facilitator, and Author Karen Dennett is passionate about creating opportunities for educators and young people to learn directly from the know-how and skills of professionals in businesses and organisations. A conversation rich in the role of education, this episode is a must listen for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in supporting our youth to reach their full potential!

Caryn Hough 

Is a Self love preacher, Feminine Embodiment + Soul Coach, Nutritionist, Yoga + Meditation teacher and Tantra practitioner, and the founder of Soul Sparkle - a business built to empower women to remember that we are all incredible, powerful, worthy and magical as we are!


Martha Barnard-Rae

Copywriter & founder of Word Candy copywriting agency, Martha helps businesses tell their stories in memorable ways, and has incredible stories of growth to share relating to Motherhood, health & business!

Peace Mitchell 

Co-founder of AusMumpreneur and The Women's Business School! An international keynote speaker and TEDx speaker, best-selling author of Back Yourself, and Australian Ambassador of Women in Tech, Peace believes investing in women is the number one way to change the world.


Jody Secker 

Founder of Mumabubs Fitness & Be Empowered with Jody, Jody believes in staying energized, strong & fit, regardless of the age & stage of life you're in! She'll also shares the moment that changed everything - and created the business that allows her to support other women in health & happiness.

Ember Lynn 

is a coach & hypnotherapist supporting women to bust through their limiting beliefs & heal old wounds. Having recently shifted her own mindset from employee to entrepreneur, Ember's words & experiences will give you full permission to dream big, and create a life you truly love!

Kellie Guenther 

a 13-Sign Sidereal Astrologer, Certified Environmental Practitioner, Intuitive Intelligence Trainer and a 500-hr qualified Yoga Teacher, Kellie shares her insights to living your most aligned life! Listen in to find out more in this deeply informative episode...


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