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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, nothing but yourself, your little one, and a mat or towel for them to lay on! We also recommend bringing a water bottle, wearing supportive athletic apparel and supportive maternity bra if breastfeeding (click here for where to get yours), and any toys your little one might like. If bringing food for your child, please keep it nut-free for allergy concerns in others. You are also welcome to bring your baby carrier, capsule, or pram into any of our sessions!

As per our Terms and Conditions of sale, all class passes have a set expiry date. Please take note of this. The expiry is in place to encourage you to attend consistently, which key to achieving results, and allowing your baby to get into the routine of doing fitness with you! Class passes will not be extended or refunded except in extreme personal circumstances. Contact us to check your expiration date for your class pass.

Will my baby be close to me in the class? Yes. Your little ones are an integral part of the class, and many of our movements involve playing with them! We encourage plenty of eye contact and physical touch with your child. For a full description on each of our classes, please check out our class timetable here.

YES, you absolutely can attend any of our sessions with your younger kids. All sessions (except Pram Fitness) are in enclosed, hazard-free spaces so those runners aren’t going far and have quite a few toddlers in them!

You are welcome to turn up on the day, but we do prefer you book in advance as often our classes sell out as they are smaller groups (no more than 10) for ultimate results. You can buy class passes online here.

Pricing depends on what you are after, but you can find personal training details here, and class details here. Location details depend on the type of booking, but as a business, we are located in Doubleview, Western Australia.

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