Your Healthy Business

Your Healthy Business

Hosted by: Jenine Dilts-Bayman

Welcome to Your Healthy Business with Jenine Dilts-Bayman, where we explore the Technical 'how to', the Spiritual 'woo-woo', and the Physical health & wellness components of growing YOUR healthy business! We talk...


Not what was planned, but *exactly* what was needed

Season #2

Season 2 EP 1: Things are going to sound a bit different around here! A rebrand of the (formerly) Your Healthy Business Podcast is underway, and I'm taking off on a brand new podcasting adventure exploring what it...
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#13: Principles for Positive Wellbeing with Miranda Wiltshire

Season #1

In today's episode, Jenine speaks with Professional Counsellor, Miranda Wiltshire! As a Mother, dance-enthusiast and professional counsellor with more than 20 years experience, Miranda encourages empowerment through...
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#12: Body Empowerment with Haylee Guiver

Season #1

In today's episode, Jenine speaks with Body Empowerment Photographer, Haylee Guiver! A mum of three boys and wife of a FIFO husband, Hayley offers body empowerment photography focused on strengthening the relationship...
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#11: Inspiring the Next Generation with Karen Dennett

Season #1

In today's episode, Jenine speaks with Founder, Educator, Facilitator, and Author Karen Dennett. Karen is passionate about creating opportunities for educators and young people to learn directly from the know-how and...
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Self-Love & Self-Care with Caryn Hough

Season #1 Episode #10

Join Jenine as she speaks with Caryn Hough, a Self-love preacher, Feminine Embodiment + Soul Coach, Nutritionist, Yoga + Meditation teacher, and Tantra practitioner! Caryn is the founder of Soul Sparkle - a business...
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Expected the Unexpected! Challenges of Business & Motherhood with Martha Barnard-Rae

Season #1 Episode #9

Join Jenine as she chats to Martha Barnard-Rae, copywriter & founder of Word Candy copywriting agency! Martha spends her days helping people with challenges of business to tell their stories in memorable ways, and...
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The Power of Community Connection with Peace Mitchell

Season #1 Episode #8

Join Jenine as she chats to Peace Mitchell, co-founder of AusMumpreneur and The Women's Business School! An international keynote speaker and TEDx speaker, best-selling author of Back Yourself, and Australian...
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Be Empowered From the Inside Out with Jody Secker

Season #1 Episode #7

Jody Secker is the founder of Mumabubs Fitness & Be Empowered with Jody. A specialist pre & postnatal fitness trainer with two children of her own, Jody shares her wisdom on staying energized, strong &...
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Mindset Shifts in Employee to Entrepreneur with Ember Lynn

Season #1 Episode #6

Ember Lynn is a coach & hypnotherapist supporting women to bust through their limiting beliefs & heal old wounds. Having recently shifted her own mindset from employee to entrepreneur, Ember's words &...
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Sidereal Astrology & Living Your Most Aligned Life with Kellie Guenther

Season #1 Episode #5

In today's episode, Jenine chats to Kellie Guenther. She is an expert at 13-Sign Sidereal Astrology. She's also a Certified Environmental Practitioner, Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, and a 500-hr qualified Yoga...
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Discovering Your Womanly Way with Lala Angela Wang

Season #1 Episode #4

Join Jenine as she speaks with Angela 'Lala' Wang, founder of the Womanly Way! Lala holds 15 years in the construction industry, recently being named one of the top 100 women in Construction - Internationally! This...
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Universal Forces: The Power That Comes From Within With Special Guest Kim Eibrink-Jansen

Season #1 Episode #3

Join Jenine as she chats with Eibrink Jansen, an Australian Spiritual Teacher sharing the Wisdom & Magic from the Universe and the Universal Forces. Her International School, University, offers programs, courses,...
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