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ASPIRE: The Manifesting Methodology

Consistently focusing your energy & vision, in alignment with the Moon. It's CRUCIAL to achieving and receiving more of what you desire in your life! 

Together we'll do exactly that, with this LIFETIME* passport to the New Moon ASPIRE & Full Moon ANCHOR programs! 

Because there is no better time than now to harness your personal & collective energy, and create an absolutely incredible year! For ourselves, our children, our communities...the time to harness the power of your best life is NOW!!

Combining with the heightened energy of the Moon's cycle in 2021, the monthly ASPIRE program will empower you to tap into your dreams. To Attune, Align, Ascend and take Action on your desires! 

Why the New Moon? Think of it as a fresh page, a fresh start, a moment to turn inward and consider what we want to call into our lives and what we need to let go of. It’s indeed a time for rest and reflection, so the perfect ritual would be in the comfort of your own home - which is exactly what this online program allows you to do! 

Once a month on the New Moon, and over the following days, we'll create a crystal clear vision for the life you dream of, utilizing a variety of tried & proven manifestation methods such as meditation, journaling, imagery, vision boarding, and so much more. 

Why the Full Moon? The Full Moon offers a time of culmination. Of completion, celebration and calibration with all you have accomplished in the past 30 days, and what it is you may still need to release! 

This manifesting methodology works. But its not a 'set & forget' - you need to consistently focus your energy on your 'next step' towards your big dreams!

So why not create a positivity ripple, and stride into a life you truly love? 

Jump in now & I'll see you on the next New Moon, LIVE in our Facebook group (or on the replay in your own time) 

*LIFETIME access means once you purchase this program once, you'll be able to stay with us & participate in the trainings for as long as you like! Even when the price increases, even when the program has new bonuses & resources available, you'll be there all happy & knowing that YOU were one of the OG's who was a part of founding the ASPIRE Methodology!