ASPIRE Vision Creation Retreat

What it if I told you that you can increase your chances of making those dreams come true by 42%, simply by getting crystal clear on what they are, and creating imagery to match? It’s like MAGIC that starts in your mind! 

Connective, creative, soulful, nourishing and intimate…

The ASPIRE Vision Creation Retreat offers the opportunity to sit, reflect & create space in moving your deepest desires to imagery, so you can move forward with confidence & clarity. 

Coming together in collective energy, under the presence of the Moon, is the ideal time to do exactly that! 

Sisterhood is so powerful and nourishing, combined with the elements in Nature and under the light of the Full Moon, this is an experience not found anywhere else… 

Over this 2 hour immersive experience you’ll receive: 

  •  Guided prompts and creative coaching with Jenine Dilts-Bayman (an Aligned Life Mentor & Creative Consultant) to produce crystal clear vision towards your most aligned life! 
  • A breath work and guided visualisation ceremony to draw you into your heart and body, guiding you home to your inner wisdom 
  • A release and reset journaling exercise to help you remove obstacles and create clarity, so you may move forward onto your next steps with confidence and vision
  • A sharing circle opportunity to speak your intentions & purpose for the month ahead, alongside the solidarity & witness of others 
  • Tangible imagery creation where we’ll bring your vision to reality,  commencing the magic that starts in your mind 
  • Guided vision board and screen saver creation, using tried and tested Law of Attraction principles, combined with the energy alignment practices of Feng Shui 
  • Personalised affirmation creation to support you in moving forward into your next steps with confidence and action 
  • A guided return to vision, heart journey and your lasting legacy to close the ceremony 
  • Q&A Session to receive feedback and cultivate additional clarity 
  • The opportunity to make indecision a thing of your past, so you may move boldly towards your desires, with the backing of a like minded community all making the world a better place one impactful decision at a time! 


  • Investment: $27AUD, immediate access granted  
Everything, all around you, right now - you have created! And thus, you have the power to bring more of WHAT YOU WANT into your life - no matter how far fetched the dream might seem! 


This is a pre-recorded, four part program broken into easy to implement 30 minute sessions.  

There has never been a better time to set your vision into action. Jump in TODAY for immediate access, and let's cultivate that vision into reality! 


$27.00 AUD