ALIGNEDMIND Mentorship Package

The AlignedMind Mentorship Package offers weekly 1:1 Mentoring with Jenine plus your ALL ACCESS PASS to all current and upcoming programs with Jenine, focusing on the TECHNICAL (how to), the ENERGETIC (woo-woo), and the PHYSICAL (health & wellbeing) aspects of creating the life of your deepest desires!

This package includes

- Weekly 1:1 Private Mentoring sessions (30 minutes in length)  

- Access to all pre-recorded and LIVE trainings including: ASPIRE, the Presence of Posting, discounted retreat options, and more opportunities as they are added! 

- Unlimited FB Messaging and voicemail support from Jenine 


Extremely limited places available to this high touch, high energy passport with incredible support. 

**ALIGNEDMIND is available by invitation ONLY**

$1,333.00 AUD

Every month

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 Our Agreement

This agreement forms a legal contract between you and Jenine Dilts-Bayman of Mums With Bubs Fitness.

When you have read and signed the declaration and agreement, and payment has been accepted by Jenine Dilts-Bayman, this means you have accepted the terms and conditions of registration.

Jenine Dilts-Bayman: Mums with Bubs Fitness promises to render you a   6 Month Business Intensive Mentorship Program which will be provided with due care and skill by Jenine Dilts-Bayman.

This package includes, but is not limited to:

·   Weekly one on one business coaching sessions, completed remotely via Zoom or Facebook Video, as agreed upon with Jenine Dilts-Bayman, completing one 25 minute session per week. Should a business mentorship session not occur, another day within that week will be scheduled for the session.

·   Ongoing business health assessments and consultations with Jenine Dilts-Bayman, occurring at the time of interview and every 4 weeks thereafter. Business  assessments will include but are not limited to a holistic review of overall business plan & product/service, with key success markers noted to track development progress.

You guarantee that you are in satisfactory physical condition and that you have no medical or other reason why you are not capable of engaging in this activity, and that such would not be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort or physical condition.

You agree to the following:

·Your 6 month program commences on the first day of your scheduled Week 1 mentorship session, and expires exactly 6 months later (including the commencement day).

  1. ·Program sessions will commence at the agreed upon scheduled time.
  2. Regular attendance is critical to progressive development & the results you will obtain through this program. Your weekly Business Mentorship session times are scheduled, designated and held for you in advance. Should the need to miss a scheduled session occur, every attempt will be made to reschedule your session within the given week. Sessions will not be carried into the following month.
  3. It will be anticipated your Business Mentorship Program will continue following the 6 month package, with payment due 1 week prior to start.
  4. A minimum 6 month commitment is required to participate in this program. 

·Your 6 Month container commences on the first day of your scheduled Business Mentorship session, and expires exactly 6 months later (including the day of commencement).


Cancellation and Refunds

As this is a mutual contract, refunds will not be given.  I am committed to creating a individually tailored program for you and I am holding this space and setting aside time for you to receive the ALIGNEDMIND 1:1 Business Mentorship Program, and you are committed to making these business goals your reality. The energy behind your financial commitment is real, as you are placing your dollars where you deeply want your heart, mind and body to be. This is an investment that allows and encourages you to show up over this 28 day period with a full heart. Should you decide to discontinue with the program, you remain responsible for paying the balance owing at the time.

Should you wish to no longer continue with the program, a cancellation window of two weeks is required.


Terms of Payment

You agree that the following payments will be automatically deducted from your nominated card or account:

·  $777 at time of registration and monthly thereafter, or PIF exchange of $4444 at time of registration

- Payment and registration is required at least 1 week prior to commencement of program.

- Should the $777 monthly option be selected, payment will be debited monthly from the nominated account. Should the participant need to alter the debit date or wish to cancel, this must be discussed with Jenine Dilts-Bayman: Mums With Bubs Fitness prior to the monthly date of withdrawal from the account. Alternative payment arrangements can be discussed.

Liability for Injuries
You agree that Jenine Dilts-Bayman:Mums With Bubs Fitness will not be held accountable for injuries or issues you have if you are not following our education, training, structure and program as instructed.

You agree that in the event of a dispute that we will make our best endeavors to resolve the issue but that if this is not possible then this agreement will be governed by the laws of Western Australia.

Registration and Declaration

I declare that I agree with all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement and understand that the activities and advice offered is with best intentions, and designed to assist me in building my business.

I further understand that the content of these sessions is in no way intended to be represented as medical advice nor as a prescription for any medical procedure.

I am aware that it is my responsibility to seek the advice of a medical practitioner prior to engaging in the program, and should any problems arise once the program has commenced to not attend the program until a medical practitioner agrees that it is safe for you to do so.

I agree that I will in no way hold Jenine Dilts-Bayman: Mums With Bubs Fitness or its representatives responsible for any issues that arise for from my participation in this program.