LIVE Mama & Me Pre & Postnatal Fitness Classes - MANJIMUP (4 week block)


This four-week block of classes is suitable for all levels of pre & postnatal fitness.

Join Jenine as she guides you through weekly 45 minute sessions focusing on whole-body strength and conditioning, with movements that are safe and effective for pregnancy and beyond! If your baby is less than 6 months old (non-crawling), you are encouraged to bring your little one along for an activity that they will enjoy, and is as good for their brain & muscle development, as it is for you!

Low impact cardiovascular movements, combined with resistance training, modified to suit the various stages and needs of pregnancy and returning to movement after baby, these classes have been wildly successful in Perth and online world-wide since Mums With Bubs Fitness was founded in 2012. 

NEXT ROUND BEGINS Jan 10th 10:30am at the Aqua Centre REGISTER NOW


7 years, thousands of dollars, an honours degree, and a heap of courses later - Jenine is ready to share her knowledge on Social Media with YOU! This training is ideal for fledgling business owners aiming to reach their target audience, and thrive in the noisy world of social media.

Manifesting Magic Workshop: Create Your Dream Life!

Join Jenine for a supercharged Manifesting Workshop! In this half-day event, we'll get crystal clear and articulate exactly what your dreams are, and how to bring them into your reality - using the exact formula Jenine has used year after year to create what is truly her dream life! Goal Setting Meditation, Vision Board Creation, and healthy, whole food treats served throughout your session - all designed to give YOU the tools you need to bring magic into your life in 2020.

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