Procrastinating to Productivity: a 3 Part Process you can start NOW for BIG results!

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2022

Hey there Gorgeous! 

Today I wanted to share with you a super simple 3 part ritual, designed to help you step into productivity and away from procrastination. It’s all about allowing yourself to become the next-level version of yourself, before you feel ‘ready'.

Because if you wait until you feel totally ready (spoiler alert!)…you might never actually do it!

Setting yourself up to be the next-level, expanded version of yourself does take a bit of prep work, but once you’ve set yourself up for success, you’ll notice a difference immediately! And I promise - this really is simple! 

Part 1: The PREP 

You’ve got to have an idea of the changes you’re seeking in your life! Once you’ve got clear on this, look around and begin to find people who inspire you in that space. Look at how they show up, how they live, the activities they complete. Ask yourself: What is it you admire about them? How is it that they inspire you? Do you feel envious about the way they live? (Envy is a fantastic indicator that you’re craving something about their lifestyle)! Begin to create some visual imagery to go with the answers to these questions. Creating a Pinterest board is a great start!  (BTW - This is all the work we do together in ASPIRE, so if you’re sitting here reading this and thinking “shesh, I don’t know. Can’t you just tell me?!” then you *really* should join us

Part 2: Setting up your WARDROBE  

Begin to set your wardrobe up according to the different areas of your life. Most of us already do this in some way, so it's just a matter of making a few tweaks to the system with some items that instantly make you FEEL like the person you’re becoming! Like the way a new pair of running shoes give you a little burst of motivation to get out there - the same thing applies with other areas of your life, too, and become anchors reminding you to keep going! Organise yourself a few key outfits or accessories to align with the changes you’re seeking. This is where that Pinterest board really helps, because you’ve already ascended to a place where you can confidently say “that looks & feels good to me”, and proceed to mimic it with your own personal touches.  

Part 3: Stepping into the various versions of YOU 

This is the part I've been most actively instigating in my life over these past 2 years, and has made the biggest difference to my creativity, productivity and effectiveness in my day.  In fact, I do it so often now that even my kids understand the modes I’m in, according to the accessories and outfits I’m wearing! But the really fun part is how I FEEL each time I change my outfit in a day. And yes, this does mean changing multiple times a day - but the positive results you’ll see far outweigh any negatives!  There’s no more indecision. There’s no more feeling or thinking “I can’t (exercise, write that blog, create that project etc)”  because of a wardrobe issue. You know what you’re going to wear, you know what you need to do, and by simply changing a few items of clothing, your hair, or accessories - within 2 minutes you can transform into an expanded version of you and FULLY step into the experience that you are about to create!  

It’s so simple. So effective. And celebrates you, in all of your versions, in all of your BEING and BECOMING. 

Why not give it a try? 

xx Jenine ~ Your Aligned Life Mentor 

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