As Mothers, most of us get far less sleep than we would like.  My first born has always been a terrible sleeper, so I feel as though I am perpetually sleep deprived! It’s crazy how some mornings I’ve thought ‘I just CAN’T get out of bed, how am I going to manage her today?! , and yet, I get through it.   But it certainly hasn’t been easy!

Here are a few things that I’ve found have really boosted my physical energy and my overall state of mind, that I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to take action on!  Of course, sleeping 12 hours straight would be nice and would certainly help, but if you don’t have that option (like me), than these little pointers will certainly help…

  • DRINK MORE WATER. If you read my last Blog on the importance of water intake, you’ll know that I really, really am passionate about all of us drinking enough water, and the positive effect that hydration will have on your overall health.  Get a reusable bottle, fill it up, keep it with you at all times, and sip frequently throughout your day!

  • EAT NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS (and avoid the processed stuff!). I know the feeling well. You’ve been up all night, and you are exhausted.  Cooking is just TOO HARD.  In this starved, energy zapped state, the majority reach for an easy, sugary, and likely highly-processed fix. DON’T DO IT!  Keep a bowl of fruit at reach!  Make a large batch of healthful biscuits on the weekend, freeze them, and use as needed!  Cut up your fruit & veg once they arrive in your house, so you can easily pull them out to eat raw, or steam/stirfry/grill, as needed!  The main message here is PREPARATION, and to have something yummy (and nutritious) at the ready.  You will feel a million times better for it, your body will look and feel more healthy, and you’ll be leading by example for your next generation.

  • ‘ME’ TIME. It’s hard to come by, I know.  But find a moment to just breathe, close your eyes, and soak in a moment of peace by yourself whenever you can.  Take a shower.  Enjoy a cup of tea in a ‘happy place’ when the kids are napping, if even for 5 minutes. Read a book. Write a journal.  If you are fortunate enough to have time away, go do something that INVIGORATES your soul!  But whatever you do, don’t forgo your ‘me’ time.  Even 2-5 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your overall sense of self & health.

  • CONNECT WITH LIKE MINDS. Yes, social media counts, but in person is better! Find a playgroup, book club, exercise group (like us!), or whatever floats your boat really,  as long as it’s full of people whom you can relate to and connect with!  The understanding and compassion that comes from knowing others are going through similar things to you in motherhood WILL make it easier on your family, and yourself.

  • EXERCISE. Of course I was going to say this one! But only because its TRUE! I’ve heard many jokes from Mums laughing about ‘finding time to exercise’, but the reality is, YOUR HEALTH IS IMPORTANT.  Your physical health impacts your mental health on the deepest level.  Your physical health impacts everyone around you, but especially your children.  Now, I’m not talking about taking it to the limit and pushing your body to extremes.  I’m talking about finding time to enjoy exercising in a variety of ways – group classes that involve your kids, going for a hike, taking a beach walk with your family, going on a bike ride.  There are SO many ways to exercise, and they don’t need to include the gym OR hours spent in it! The main point is that you keep your heart, muscles, and mind working optimally, which will in turn allow you to be the best mother you can be.

Give these points a go ladies, and see how much better you feel.   With or without sleep, you can still live a beautiful, healthy life, and regain your vitality!


Hope to see you out there…
Jenine x


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